Samsung Led the Indian Tablet Market in Q1 2022

According to an IDC report, Samsung dethroned Apple as the largest tablet provider in the Indian tablet market in the first quarter ending March 2022. The South Korean firm had a 40% volume market share in India, up 10% from the previous quarter. Samsung dominated Apple’s iPad segment with its premium products, not just in the Android tablet market but also in the iPad area.

According to an IDC report, Samsung has overtaken Apple in India’s tablet market. The company’s sales increased dramatically. According to the research, it accounted for 40% of overall tablet shipping volumes in India during the quarter, a considerable increase of 10% over the previous quarter.


WhatsApp to Bring Support of iPad Soon

WhatsApp finally released multi-device compatibility for its messenger app earlier this year in March, after months of testing. It allows users to attach up to four devices to a single phone using a registered mobile number.

On the other hand, WhatsApp only supported Android tablets, Macs, and Windows PCs, and there was no way for Messenger app users to link their accounts to their iPads.

It has now been revealed that the Meta-owned company is almost set to launch Multi-device phase 2.0, which will include WhatsApp compatibility for the iPad version.

WABetaInfo, a community blog that tracks everything related to WhatsApp, provided a screenshot of the social networking platform’s screen-gran on the iPad.


English Gaming Terms Banned in France in Favour of Native Equivalents

On Monday, French officials maintained their centuries-long fight to protect the language’s purity by rewriting the English video game terminology regulations.

While some idioms have precise translations, such as “pro-gamer” becoming “joueur professionnel,” others, such as “streamer” becoming “joueur-animateur en direct,” appear to be more strained.

According to AFP, the video gaming industry is filled with anglicisms that could operate as a “barrier to understanding” for non-gamers, according to the culture ministry, which is involved in the process.

From across the Channel, or more recently the Atlantic, France routinely sends grim warnings about the debasement of its language.

In February, the Academie Francaise, a centuries-old language monitor, warned of a “degradation that must not be considered as inevitable”.


Netflix’s Fall From Grace Has Ushered in the Pivotal Second Act in Streaming Wars

The media and entertainment business takes pride in mastering the three acts of traditional storytelling: setup, conflict, and resolution.

The first act of the streaming video wars has come to an end. Every major media and technology corporation that wants to be in the streaming game has planted a flag, barring a surprise late entrance. New streaming services like Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Peacock, and others are gaining popularity worldwide.

“Act one was the land grab,” said Chris Marangi of Gamco Investors, a media investor and portfolio manager. “At this point, we’re in the middle act.”

The primary conflict of the streaming wars came into view last month. After Netflix announced its first quarterly drop in subscribers, the industry was thrown into disarray.


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