Smartphone Cameras Will Be Superior to SLRs by 2024, Says Sony CEO

According to the CEO of Sony’s Semiconductor division, smartphone cameras will surpass the quality of single-lens reflex cameras in the next several years, notably by 2024.

According to Nikkei, Sony recently held a business briefing session for its Imaging and Sensing solutions, during which Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions, stated that by 2024, image quality captured by smartphones would surpass that captured by single-lens reflex cameras, a claim backed up by presentation materials.

“We expect that still images will exceed the image quality of single-lens reflex cameras within the next few years,” he says.
He claims that this will be achievable because of the high quality of images obtained by combining its technologies.


Elon Musk to Workers: Spend 40 Hours in the Office, or Else

Mr Musk jumped right into a tumultuous debate about how companies should bring staff back to work during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to coronavirus outbreaks complicating planning, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and many other firms have announced and then delayed return-to-work dates in recent years. Working from home has become commonplace.

The situation has become more complicated as coronavirus immunizations have increased, and a halt to the epidemic appears to be on the horizon. Some businesses began stating that employees would be returning to work. Despite this, plans have continued to shift.

Many Tesla and SpaceX staff had already returned to work to some extent. As “non-essential” workplaces in California closed their doors in the early days of the recession, in 2020,


Instagram Launches Amber Alerts To Notify Users of Missing Children in Their Area

On Wednesday, Instagram began rolling out an Amber Alert tool to alert users of missing children in their area.

The alerts, which will be available in the United States and more than a dozen other countries, will include information about the missing child, such as a photo, description, and location of the alleged kidnapping. It’s meant to be shared with friends on the platform to help spread the word.

The alerts are “rare and peculiar to the search region,” according to Vacher, who added that by receiving one signal “, there is an active search for a missing youngster nearby.”

Amber alerts were first introduced in 2015 on Facebook’s platform. Google, too, has begun sending Amber alerts to users of its Search and Maps services.


U.S. Charges OpenSea Ex-employee in First NFT Insider Trading Case

On Wednesday, a former product manager at OpenSea, the largest online marketplace for non-fungible tokens, was charged with insider trading by U.S. prosecutors in Manhattan, the first such case involving digital assets.

On 11 consecutive occasions, the manager was accused of secretly purchasing 45 NFTs based on confidential information that the tokens, or others by the same author, would soon be featured on OpenSea’s home page.
Prosecutors claim Chastain profited from his NFTs shortly after they were featured, selling them for two to five times what he paid.

Prosecutors said Chastain was in charge of picking which NFTs would be featured during the scam, which spanned from June to September 2021. He transacted using anonymous digital currency wallets and accounts at OpenSea.


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