Cryptocurrency Flowing Into “Mixers” Hits an All-time High.

Researchers stated on Thursday that as cash from wallets belonging to government-sanctioned entities and criminal activities almost doubled, the quantity of cryptocurrency moving through privacy-enhancing mixer services hit an all-time high this year.

Use of a mixer is not always prohibited or unethical. There are good privacy considerations for anyone to utilize a cryptocurrency, especially given how simple it is to follow the movement of Bitcoin and some other varieties. However, because cryptocurrency is so widely used in online crime, mixers have become an essential tool for criminals who wish to cash out without being discovered by the police.


Super Nintendo Super Fan Collected Every Super Nintendo Game Manual and Made Them Free – Super.

More than 700 games were released for the Super Nintendo system in the United States after its 1991 launch, and Kerry Hays has been working on beating them all.

A vintage game with a paper manual, however, can be difficult to get these days. That’s why Hays gathered copies of every English-language Super Nintendo manual available.

There are more than 850 different Super Nintendo manuals in the collection, all of which are available for free through the Internet Archive. Hays claims that money is not his motivation.


Study Says Hybrid Work Is Making Canadians Wealthier

Over the last two years, employees have become wealthier thanks to hybrid work. A recent survey found that Canadian workers’ take-home pay increased by 14.3% last year.

According to a global hybrid work research by Cisco System Inc., more than seventy percent of Canadian workers will have saved money by 2021. The typical worker saved around $214 each week, or about $11,000 annually.

The top three places to save money were on transportation and/or gas. The majority of employees spent less on food and leisure (76.3%) and commuting (92.1%). The majority (61.5%) stated they would consider these savings when considering a job change.

Nearly half of Canadians (44.6%) said that working from home had helped their financial situation.


DARPA Is Worried About How Well Open-Source Code Can Be Trusted

Because the Linux kernel is so significant and important, Margin Research is concentrated on it in part because success at this scale equals success everywhere else. In order to view and ultimately comprehend the entire ecosystem, it is planned to study both the code and the community.

It is among the first applications to launch when most computers turn on. It serves as the backbone of the operating system, controls resource usage, and allows the hardware powering the machine to communicate with the software.

But since the kernel’s code is open source, anyone can edit, read, and use it. Security specialists in the US military are quite concerned about this. The Linux kernel, along with a variety of other essential open-source software, is vulnerable to hostile manipulation in ways that we still cannot fully comprehend because of its open-source nature.

The work of Margin shows who is focusing on what particular areas of open-source projects. For instance, Huawei is now the Linux kernel’s largest contributor. According to security researcher Dave Aitel, another contributor works for Positive Technologies, a Russian cybersecurity company that, like Huawei, has received a ban from the US government. Code created by NSA workers, many of whom take part in other open-source projects, has also been mapped by Margin.


Bored Chinese Wife Spent Years Filling Wikipedia With Fake Russian Medieval History

The women who wrote as “Zhemao” acknowledged making up her entire name and fabricating details in a post on her profile. She admitted that she does not reside in Russia and that her husband is Chinese, not Russian. She also doesn’t possess the global history doctorate she claimed she did from Moscow State University; rather, she is a homemaker with a high school diploma. According to Vice’s analysis of her post, she expressed frustration about her inability to grasp material written in both English and Russian. It appears that she used web translators to comprehend online articles before using her imagination to fill in the blanks.

According to Chinese Wikipedian John Yip, “Zhemao single-handedly invented a new way to undermine Wikipedia.” She is not the first person to claim to be an authority on the internet, it should be noted. In 2007, it was discovered that an editor who had been passing himself off as a professor at a university was actually a 24-year-old unemployed Kentucky native.


Best Cities for Digital Nomads in 2022

While there are numerous benefits to living a nomadic lifestyle, most people will agree that the freedom to travel more than most people could ever fathom is the largest and best one. But being a successful digital nomad requires more than just traveling; you must choose locations that are conducive to your line of work.

The greatest places for digital nomads worldwide have key characteristics including simple visa procedures, quick internet speeds, low cost of living, and an abundance of things to do.

We asked seasoned travelers and digital nomads to identify some of their favorite digital nomad cities they’ve visited. Small communities in tropical rainforests and seaside areas are among the best vacation spots.


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