News Around The Web – May 28

Tiny Robotic Crab Is Smallest-Ever Remote-Controlled Walking Robot Northwestern University engineers have constructed the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot, and it comes in the guise of a tiny, charming peekytoe crab. The tiny crabs, which are only a half-millimetre across, can bend, twist, crawl, walk, turn, and even jump. In addition, the researchers created millimetre-sized robots …

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News Around The Web – May 27

DuckDuckGo Caught Giving Microsoft Permission for Trackers Users of DuckDuckGo’s Android, iOS, and macOS browsers are promised anonymity. However, the company permits certain data to flow from third-party websites to Microsoft-owned services. In a recent examination of DuckDuckGo’s mobile browsers, security researcher Zach Edwards discovered that, contrary to expectations, they do not prevent Meta’s Workplace …

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News Around The Web – May 26

TECH China vs. Elon Musk: Scientists Develop Plan to Destroy Starlink Satellites According to reports, a group of Chinese experts produced a study calling for anti-satellite capabilities that might be used to deactivate Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites if necessary. Ren Yuanzhen, a researcher at the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications, conducted the study, which …

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